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The staff, Allen and Vickie, has always explained everything to me. I truly value the service I receive when I come in to the office. I am always very satisfied.

Rev. Dannie Kelly, Sr.,

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. To be able to hear after so many years of not hearing well at all is awesome. The people here are so top of the line and so are Avada hearing aids. They are very courteous and friendly. Never have a problem when I have questions they are very willing to assist me. They make you feel like family.  I would recommend Avada to anyone that has a hearing problem.

Sharon Stacy- Laurel Hill ,

I have had many good experiences in the Avada office here in Laurinburg. Over the past few years I have purchased three sets of hearing aids. The staff here has been very helpful, always professional and courteous. I especially have appreciated my help from Vickie.

Joanne H. Martin – Laurinburg, NC,

I have been a patient with the Laurinburg Avada clinic for probably about 6 years. Prior to that, I was treated at a clinic in Maryland. The service and care that I have received at the Laurinburg clinic far surpasses the care I have received elsewhere. Allen Matthews is friendly, caring and very professional. He is very knowledgeable about his science and his product. He has worked with me to have the best results with my hearing aid for my condition. The receptionist, Vicki also has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the Laurinburg office of Avada for your hearing needs.

Dr. Thomas Marshall – Laurinburg, NC,

I have been very pleased with the help I have received at Avada Hearing Care Center in Laurinburg, NC.  I purchased hearing aids there about 5 years ago and I was happy with the results.  The folks at Avada are very helpful and courteous in every visit.  I would recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem.

Betty Phillips - Maxton, NC,

I received my first hearing aids about 10 years ago, and have always found Avada personnel ready to serve.

I knew I could count on their friendliness and concern for any problems I might have encountered. Their interest and concern lead to a a full and complete analysis of the problem. They always raised their service level above many other service technicians whom I have encountered in other industries.

Thank you.

Frank Reinke,

My experience is questionable because with my new devices I can finally hear my wife. As most men know, that can be a problem! No more, "I did not hear you."

However, the people here have been excellent. The devices work great. I am a happy camper.

George Jepson,

My visit to Avada was wonderful. The office was nice and clean. The receptionist was real nice. I think her name was Vicky Taylor. She was very polite.

Allen was real polite and took his time and explained what he was doing, and he explained the test results afterwards.

I will highly recommend Avada to my family and friends.



John Edward McLaurin,

My wife (Janice) and I came to Avada Hearing Center  in December 2015. We both have hearing problems. The staff at Avada were very helpful, very friendly and make you feel comfortable. We were fitted with hearing aids and have been well-pleased with the service. They are always there to help with any questions we have. We come in for regular check-ups and cleaning. We have had a wonderful experience with Avada, and would not consider going anywhere else.

Thank you, Avada.

Jack King,

I had been receiving ads from hearing aid companies for years because I have always been "hard of hearing." I finally made an appointment with Avada in Asheboro, NC and my life has changed. I knew I talked louder than usual and had trouble understanding conversations, but after taking the hearing test and missing 8 out of 10 words I was convinced I needed help. When I tried out the hearing aids, I was amazed what I could hear the air conditioning in the building. It sounded like a roar. On the way home I heard my signal lights blinking, that I had forgotten made a sound. I even asked my wife to turn the TV down, to which she replied she had never heard me ask that. The service I receive whenever I need anything is perfect. I know that hearing aids are expensive, but I really needed them, and get along fine with them and recommend them to all my friends. I can't imagine going without them.

Jerry Davis,

Yes, my experience with Avada is wonderful. I didn't know I was losing my hearing when I first came to Avada over four years ago. By being a person that goes to church and loves and preaching, I need to hear God's words. My first hearing aid was good, but I would like to say that the one I have now is wonderful. I can adjust my hearing, so the television or radio or people don't have to holler.

Thank God!!

Annie Doris Siler,

Immediately upon walking outside, I heard the sound of leaves crumbling under my feet.  As I got into my car, I could actually hear the engine idle and the “click” sound of turn signals.  Upon arriving home I reclined on my back porch to the delightful sound of birds chirping as they flew back and forth between feeders.  As I walked into my house and turned on the TV, the sound was deafening.  My wife informed me that was the volume setting we always had to use for me to be abl e to hear.  I had her turn the volume down to a comfortable level for me now and I was truly shocked and a bit embarrassed that I had not realized just how severe my problem had been over the years.

Ike Godfrey,

Now I hear my favorite TV programs, and I can even hear at important meetings.

Alice Williams,

I first came to Avada because I could hear the words, but I just couldn’t understand them. With my new Personal Hearing Devices, I can once again hear my friends, co-workers and family… the way I used to! The staff at Avada is great. They allowed me to try their Personal Hearing Device before I decided to purchase. I know I made the right decision by choosing Avada. If you are having problems hearing the words but just not understanding them, I urge you to allow the staff at Avada check your hearing. You will be glad you did!

Tom Demasi,

I am very pleased not only with the hearing instruments but also with the support we have received from you as our Avada ‘representative’. Because [my wife] Ann has hearing instruments from another company we have been able to discuss which best suits our needs. Clearly mine works best for me. At some point in the future we intend to buy Avada instruments for Ann. Your work has been just great.

Richard Brenneke,

Avada has changed so many things for me, I no longer have to ask people to repeat and repeat!

Lois Doty,

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