The Full Value of a Professional Fitting for Your Hearing Aid

It may be tempting to purchase a hearing aid online, especially when many third-party vendors offer hearing aids at extremely low prices, but it’s important to understand that working with a licensed hearing specialist delivers long-term benefits. Even though buying a hearing aid online can be very cheap, ultimately, the process of selecting the right hearing aid and adjusting to it becomes much smoother and more satisfactory when complemented by the expertise and medical knowledge of an audiologist.

Hearing Aids: One Size Does Not Fit All

Digital hearing aid technology has developed immensely over the past few decades, and with this modernization, many different styles and types of hearing aids have become available. When purchasing a hearing aid online, you may not be familiar with the various models, or understand the difference between a hearing aid and a sound amplification device. When working in conjunction with a hearing practitioner, the specific advantages and disadvantages of each style will be explained to you thoroughly.

From RITE (Receiver In The Ear) to ITC (In The Canal) to behind-the-ear hearing aids, selecting which model is best suited for your individual needs requires in-depth knowledge of your type and level of hearing loss – which an Avada hearing care professional can provide. Even after you’ve decided which hearing aid model best complements your lifestyle and aural needs, many hearing aids require that a mold of your ear be taken in order to create a device that’s custom-fitted to the unique curvature of your ear canal. Hearing aids that are sold online come in a stock size, so they may present wearing discomfort due to their imprecise fit.

Adjustment Period: Trial and Error

Hearing loss and the process of discovering which audiology solutions can lead to hearing improvement can be frightening. Professional hearing specialists invest a significant amount of time in understanding exactly what you need and relay this information to you patiently and warmly, so you can make an informed decision in regard to your hearing care.

Clinical research has shown that the average amount of time that a standard hearing aid user takes to fully adjust to their new device is 30 days. When you purchase a hearing aid through Avada Hearing Care Centers, your hearing care professional will work with you closely during the initial adjustment phase until you’re completely satisfied with the fit and performance of your new amplification device.

From fine-tuning your hearing aid settings based on feedback, to providing a detailed wearing schedule and explaining how to properly care for your new hearing aid, hearing specialists help make the transition as easy as possible. When deciding whether to buy a hearing aid online or visit a specialist, keep in mind that hearing care facilities provide you with follow-up assessments, periodic checkups and a close relationship with a practitioner who is dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible.

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