Hearing Aid Choices

Hearing Aid Choices

There are many styles of hearing instruments. The selection of an appropriate size (or style) is an important item to consider when choosing a hearing instrument. Let the professionals at Avada show you actual models. See and hear for yourself the amazing sound quality these instruments provide.

Invisible In The Canal


Depending on the individual hearing loss and ear canal size, the Invisible-In-The-Canal products are custom built to your ear and are nearly invisible. We add a thin retrieval line to make removing the device a breeze. Because the device is hidden in the ear canal, wind noise is virtually eliminated.

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Behind The Ear


The Behind-The-Ear style is a product that sits behind the ear. The device is coupled to the ear canal with a thin clear plastic tube which carries the sound from the hearing device to the ear canal. The tubing is held in place in the ear canal by an earmold. The earmold is custom-molded for each individual. Miniature electronics have allowed the sizes of these devices to become much smaller than the old-fashioned hearing aids.

Receiver In The Ear (RITE)


The most common style worn today is called the Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE). A receiver is the equivalent of a tiny speaker. By placing the speaker in the ear and keeping the electronics hidden behind the ear, the wearer enjoys a crisp, clean sound. The device worn behind the ear is much smaller since the speaker is now located in the ear canal. The device and the receiver are connected by a thin, clear wire. Nearly invisible, this solution is by far the most widely worn hearing device.

In The Canal (ITC)


The In-the-Canal hearing device neatly arranges all the electronics in a tiny product that cleverly fits inside the ear canal. These products are normally produced without a volume control, since the product automatically adjusts for different listening environments. They are much smaller than a full size In-The-Ear device and can accommodate nearly any hearing loss except those most profound.

Completely In The Canal


Depending on the individual hearing loss and ear canal size, these products can be built where they are barely visible. They are so tiny, they have a thin plastic retrieval line to aid the wearer in removing the device. Hidden so deep in the ear canal, wind noise is virtually eliminated.

In The Ear


The In-the-Ear hearing device fits inside the curvature of your ear canal. A convenient volume control allows you to adjust for different listening environments. The size is a bit larger so can accommodate nearly any type of hearing loss, even some severe losses.

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