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Natrona Heights, PA

1601 Union Ave Natrona Heights PA 15065
1601 Union Ave Natrona Heights PA 15065
(724) 382-3284(724) 382-3284

Avada Hearing Center in Natrona Heights, PA

Natrona Heights, PA Hearing Aids

Avada Hearing Center in Natrona Heights, PA was established in 1980. We are located at 1601 Union Ave in Natrona Heights, PA 15065. Our office is just off of Freeport Road. For over 35 years our experienced hearing clinicians have improved the lives of our Avada patients in the Pittsburgh area.

We offer the community of Natrona Heights a wide variety and an affordable selection of hearing aids. The road to better hearing and a higher quality of life begins with a test, please contact our office today to receive a free hearing screening. There is no obligation to purchase hearing aids and no charge for your hearing screening and consultation at Avada Hearing Care Centers.

Avada is committed to serving anyone with hearing loss with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, ethics, technology and service available to ensure the highest patient satisfaction.

If you have noticed a decline in yours or a loved one’s hearing it is imperative that you schedule a free hearing test with our office. Not only are you suffering from hearing loss, you also suffer from a diminished quality of life. Avada Hearing Centers are committed to helping citizens of the Natrona Heights, PA community regain their hearing and the lifestyle they deserve.

We guide our patients through every step of the process – from your first appointment to your final fitting – to minimize inconvenience and ensure satisfaction. If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, please do not hesitate to contact us today and discover the Avada Experience.

Business Hours

Monday: 9:00A to 4:30P
Tuesday: 9:00A to 4:30P
Wednesday: 9:00A to 4:30P
Thursday: 9:00A to 4:30P
Friday: 9:00A to 4:30P
Saturday: Closed
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Practitioner Bio

Jeff Snodgrass

Jeff Snodgrass

The mission Jeff Snodgrass embarks on every day as he goes to work at Avada Audiology & Hearing Care is simple: to find a way to help someone with a hearing problem enjoy a better life.

“I’ve been proud to be a hearing professional for 26 years,” Jeff says, “and it’s one of those unique careers that allows you to actually make a difference in the lives of others. I can’t think of any other job I’d rather have.”

Among the staff at Avada, Jeff is admired for his ability to explain the strategies behind hearing improvement in a way that patients and their families can easily understand. His knowledge and expertise in communication disorders has helped more than 3500 patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Because of his background and experience, Jeff is able to provide a wide range of hearing services, including screenings, hearing tests and aural rehabilitation, all backed by a comprehensive knowledge of both conventional and digital hearing instruments.

He is regarded among fellow professionals as an expert in the early detection and treatment of hearing loss.

Raised in Pittsburgh, Jeff currently resides in Penn Hills with his wife Gigi. He has two grown children and two grandchildren. Their family interests include traveling, visiting family, sporting events and helping with the Penn Hills athletic teams.

He is Board licensed to practice in the State of Pennsylvania and has years of advanced training both locally and nationally to add to his already impressive resume.

“The best part of doing what I do is in those moments when someone is able to hear a particular sound or voice for the fists time in a long time,” Jeff says. “There’s no price you can put on that kind of sheer joy and it’s a privilege to be able to witness it.

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