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Mocksville, NC

1370 US Hwy 601 Mocksville NC 27028
1370 US Hwy 601 Mocksville NC 27028
(336) 306-8175(336) 306-8175

Avada Hearing Center in Mocksville, NC

Mocksville, NC Hearing Aids

Avada Hearing Center in Mocksville, NC is located beside Kent’s Kitchen, behind Hardee’s, and near Davie High School at 1370 US Hwy 601, Mocksville, NC 27028. We host the only Doctor of Audiology in the area.

We offer the community of Mocksville a wide variety and an affordable selection of hearing aids. The road to better hearing and a higher quality of life begins with a test, please contact our office today to receive a free hearing screening. There is no obligation to purchase hearing aids and no charge for your hearing screening and consultation at Avada Hearing Care Centers.

Avada is committed to serving anyone with hearing loss with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, ethics, technology and service available to ensure the highest patient satisfaction.

If you have noticed a decline in yours or a loved one’s hearing it is imperative that you schedule a free hearing test with our office. Not only are you suffering from hearing loss, you also suffer from a diminished quality of life. Avada Hearing Centers are committed to helping citizens of the Mocksville, NC community regain their hearing and the lifestyle they deserve.

We guide our patients through every step of the process – from your first appointment to your final fitting – to minimize inconvenience and ensure satisfaction. If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, please do not hesitate to contact us today and discover the Avada Experience.

Business Hours

Monday: 9:00A to 5:00P
Tuesday: 9:00A to 5:00P
Wednesday: By Appointment
Thursday: 9:00A to 5:00P
Friday: 9:00A to 5:00P
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Practitioner Bio

Dr. Laura Thorpe-Tallant

Dr. Laura Thorpe-Tallant

Laura Thorpe is the audiologist serving the Avada office in Mocksville, NC. She grew up with a hearing impaired mother, and a father who could hear a pin drop. She became the referee between the two, and often said, “no, dad isn???t mumbling”, and “Dad, Mom really can???t hear you”. The effects of hearing loss in the family can cause stress and misunderstanding.

When Laura was 12, her mother had surgery on her ear that improved her hearing. The surgeon gave her her mother the gift of hearing and Laura saw how that improved communication at home. Laura knew she did not want to go to med school, but did know that she wanted to help people in this way.

Laura received her BS from Appalachian, Master of Arts from UNCG, and a Doctorate in Audiology from Salus University. Over the last almost 20 years of practice, she has improved hearing with cochlear implants, implantable devices and hearing aids. She has evaluated babies as young as an hour old, monitored hearing in the operating room, and fit many patients of all ages with hearing devices. She has taught at UNCG not only to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students but also to hearing impaired patients and their loved ones on ways to improve their communication abilities. She is able to improve not only the ability to hear but also interpersonal communication within families.

Patients have told her that she is a ?ǣwife saver?ǥ. People have told her that she saved their marriages and that she ?ǣjust doesn???t understand how she have helped our family?ǥ. Actually, she does. She???s personally lived it, and that is the very reason she does what she does.

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