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Hearing Aid: Completely in the Canal

Completely in the Canal

Depending on the individual hearing loss and ear canal size, these products can be built where they are barely visible. They are so tiny, they have a thin plastic retrieval line to aid the wearer in removing the device. Hidden so deep in the ear canal, wind noise is virtually eliminated.

Improving your hearing with amplification should never be considered a "one size fits all" procedure. Because we offer complete product lines from several manufacturers, you're assured to receive the latest products on the market that are simply the best for you.

There are many styles of hearing instruments. The selection of an appropriate size (or style) is an important item to consider when choosing a hearing instrument.

Avada offers a variety of the latest hearing instrument products on the market.

Let the professionals at Avada show you actual models. See and hear for yourself the amazing sound quality these instruments provide.

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Completely in the Canal hearing aid style

  • Reside deep inside the canal
  • Requires a pulling string to remove device
  • Barely visible or not visible at all in the ear canal