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Hearing Health Care News

Dec 18th, 2014

Protecting Your Ears From The Cold Can Protect Your Hearing

In the winter, it is important to protect your ears, especially when doing outdoor activities. In addition to being uncomfortable, prolonged exposure to cold weather can pose unexpected risks to your hearing health.

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Nov 13th, 2014

Could Smoking Impact Your Hearing?

In addition to the many other health risks associated with smoking, a recently published article found that smoking and passive smoking may increase the risk of hearing loss.

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Oct 15th, 2014

How to Help Someone Who May Have Hearing Loss

When you suspect a friend or family member may be losing their hearing, it can be a difficult topic to address. There is a good chance the person doesn’t even know they are losing their hearing, as certain parts of their hearing have likely deteriorated, while others remain intact. Let’s go over a few things you should know before speaking with a loved one about their potential hearing loss, and how to approach the conversation.

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Oct 6th, 2014

Cancer Survivors and Hearing Loss

While everyone is talking about breast cancer awareness, survivors need to be aware that chemo, radiation and even the cancer itself can damage their hearing.

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Sep 17th, 2014

Report Finds Simple Way to Reduce Hearing Loss

You might think it sounds fishy, but there are some scientifically-supported reports circulating about natural ways to reduce hearing loss.

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Sep 5th, 2014

What is Tinnitus and What Should You Do About It?

In most cases tinnitus is not a serious condition. While there are several causes, aging ears and injury are the most common reasons.

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